Everything you need under one green roof.

We know you care about what and how you grow. That's why everything we offer is thoughtfully chosen for a healthier environment, community and you.

Organic soil

Your garden — and its yield — is only as good as your soil. We offer a variety of the highest quality, all-organic soils and are proud offer our own proprietary blends of Alpha and Omega soils.

Native plants

Plants native to our area require less special attention to thrive — and they attract wildlife and pollinators to your landscape. Our experts have thoughtfully sourced beautiful plants to make your garden flourish.

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vegetable & herb plants/seeds

Find the organic, locally grown transplants ideally suited for your backyard garden, or grow your own from our wide selection of organic and heirloom seeds. Because organic and non-GMO is better for everyone.

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Berry bushes & fruit trees

We can help you get started with Oklahoma-proven selections along with helpful advice for creating a great harvest. Peach trees and blueberry bushes are among our favorites.

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Beneficial insects

The first line of defense in organic gardening, beneficial insects reduce common pests without unwanted residues. We seasonally carry ladybugs, red-wiggler worms, nematodes and praying Mantis.

Organic pest & disease control

From insecticidal soap to yellow fly traps, we offer 100% organic solutions to keep your plants healthy — the natural way.  Just come in, and one of our knowledgeable staff will guide you to the right answer.

Fertilizers & amendments

From earthworm castings to fish emulsion, we carry a full spectrum of organic options to fit any plant need or gardening style. We also offer composting supplies, so you can make your own organic amendments.


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With each new season, we curate a fun and exciting selection of unique gifts. Come in and let us help you select a thoughtful and memorable gift for that gardener or nature lover in your life.

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