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Because well-being matters, we’re here to help you succeed. Come explore our selection of medicinal growing supplies and visit with our friendly growing experts.


Our extensive selection of the very latest compact and powerful grow lights means we can help you find the perfect solution for your indoor space. From T5s to LED and LECs.  We have everyone covered!  Come see what’s new.

growing media & nutrients

Find ready-to-use potting soils and supplements to get your plants off to a strong start. We have our own blends of seed starting and Living soils, as well as carry a wide range of popular mixes including Ocean Forest® Potting Soil from FoxFarm and Formula 707 Growing Mix.

Tents, pots & trellises

Come see our Gorilla tents, Smart Pot fabric containers and other innovative solutions for growing healthy, robust plants with confidence. Our staff can guide you on the right selections for optimizing results in your space.


Healthy indoor plants need good circulation, just like they would experience outdoors. Our convenient clip fans install easily and offer dual speeds to enhance airflow around your plants.


Ducting & filters

Get everything you need for your grow room at Grogg’s — right down to the premium ducting for your air-cooled reflectors. We know indoor growing.

Pruners & drying racks

Our ergonomic pruners are a pleasure to use and are made to last. These will be the go-to favorites you reach for again and again. And because space is often a premium when it comes to indoor growing, check out our ingenious, space-saving drying racks.

meters, timers & magnifiers

We’ve curated an entire collection of growing accessories to simplify your work and boost your results. From digital Ph meters to automatic timers to control lighting and more, see what other growers are getting from Grogg’s.

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