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Alpha & Omega

From beginning to end, we have the mixes to grow your plants. Using a unique blend of 15 organically certified amendments and a proprietary cooking process, the result in our Omega blend will take you from seedling to harvest without having to add additional nutrients beyond water.

Want to start from seed? Our Alpha blend is mixed with a perfect ingredient list for starting your plants.

Available in 1.5 Cubic Foots Bags and 1 Yard Tote Bags

Living Soils

Living Soils create a live ecosystem that allows plants to utilize the organic matter to grow plants from seedlings to harvest. The plant medium centers on compost teaming with microbiology and biodiversity. As organic materials are decomposed, nutrients become available to plants, humus is produced, soil aggregates are formed, channels are created for water infiltration and better aeration, and those residues originally on the surface are brought deeper into the soil.

Benefits Of Omega Living Soil

Because of the cooking process and balanced soil amendments, Omega soil offers many benefits for growers of all types. First, it helps create healthier plants that are more immune to pest and fungus issues. This also leads to increased crop yields and better flavor of flowers and vegetables. Because of its strong soil structure, the medium retains water and nutrients, reducing, and in some cases, eliminating the need for additional nutrient inputs. This can lead to an overall cost savings for the grower.

Proven Results

Taking plants from seedling to harvest:

No heavy metals
Higher than normal THC Content
Great Terpene Levels

Ducting & filters

Get everything you need for your grow room at Grogg’s — right down to the premium ducting for your air-cooled reflectors. We know indoor growing.

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