Jasmin Farhadi

Jasmin is all about living a simple and humble life. She spends most of her time with her hands in the dirt, and loving plants. Horticulture is not only an everlasting valuable skill, it is a lifestyle. Sharing her knowledge, and experience on the importance of organic gardening, and sustaining our ecosystem is her passion. In addition to her Associate of Science degree, Jasmin is a registered yoga teacher.

Posted 09/20

On the Ground & In the Kitchen

The garden beds are prepped and conversations of recipes and flavors vs. crops and timing start to happen.  Flexibility is key in bringing a Farm to Table experience. It requires flexibility from gardener, the Chef and the Guest.

Posted 07/17

Farm to Table Dining

Posted 07/09

Farm to Table Dining Tulsa Spotlight: Seasonal Produce From This Land

July in Tulsa, Oklahoma, means tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. What’s for dinner in Tulsa?  At The Reserve, our new farm