Carla Grogg

As the inspirational force behind Oklahoma’s first 100% organic garden center, Carla has immersed herself in leading a positive team toward sustainability through nature. She and her husband, Kelly, enjoy passing on their passion for a healthier environment to their three children. She craves sunshine, travel and fun times with friends and family. Not surprisingly, her favorite tomato is Cherokee Green. Carla is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.

Posted 11/20

Omega Soil – Available Now!

Created by Grogg’s Green Barn, Omega living soil will bring life to your plants from seedling to flower!

Posted 09/20

On the Ground & In the Kitchen

The garden beds are prepped and conversations of recipes and flavors vs. crops and timing start to happen.  Flexibility is key in bringing a Farm to Table experience. It requires flexibility from gardener, the Chef and the Guest.

Posted 07/17

Farm to Table Dining